Cripsy Seaweed

Crispy Spring Green garnished with ground fish

Vegetarian Spring Rolls (8pcs)

Made fresh daily with cabbage, carrots, chinese vegetables, served with chilli dip.

Sesame Prawn on toast

Served with sweet & sour chilli dip.

Thai Fish Cake (6pcs)

With sweet & sour chilli dip.

Spare Ribs

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Served with pancakes, thinly cut spring onions, cucumber and hoi-sin (plum) sauce.

Mixed Hot Hors d'Oeuvres

Spare ribs, satay chicken, sesame prawns, spring rolls, crispy seaweed served with sweet & sour sauce.

Grilled Peking Dumplings (6pcs)

Filled pastry served with ginger & vinegar.

Szechuan Chicken Wings


Malaysian Satay on skewers

4 pieces served with spicy peanut sauce.

King Prawns


Vegetarian Crispy

Served with 6 pancakes, thinly cut spring onions, cucumber & hoi-sin sauce.


Mock chicken, made from soya


Mock duck, made from soya


Chillie oil

Prawn Crackers

Satay Sauce (peanut)

Sweet & Sour sauce

Curry Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Chillie oil